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Sports Med Asia (SMA) – 亞洲運動醫學及痛症復康治療學院成立於2022年,中心團隊來自醫療行業各專業領域的資深執業人員,當中包括:註冊物理治療師、營養師、中醫師、運動拉筋師等等。目標旨在通過學術理論加實踐方式,提供專業認證課程,提升學員市場競爭力。本中心也是英國TQUK認證中心,部份課程更可獲得TQUK證書,更便利用學員在英國及其他國家執業,作為事業發展的重要支援。

Sports Med Asia (SMA) was established in 2022, with a team of senior practitioners from various professional fields in the medical industry, including: registered physiotherapists, nutritionists, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, sports practitioners, etc. SMA mission is to provide professional certification courses through academic theory and practical methods to enhance students’ competitiveness in the market. SMA is also a TQUK certification center. Some courses are awarded with TQUK certificate, which is more convenient for students to practice in UK and other countries as an essential supportive tool for career development.


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國際認證 英國TQUK認可中心

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我們提供的資源和服務廣泛,從「英國資歷架構」(Regulated Qualifications Framework,簡稱RQF)中的第一至六級 (Level 1 – 6)
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